Our Philosophy


Feel good because of

...our friendliness and attention
...our smiling faces
...calming and restrained colours and clean lines
...large, sunlit and air-conditioned premises
...comfortable waiting room


Benefit from

...our special services and treatment
...short waiting times
...responsible attitude
...excellence in organisation, counselling, treatment and care


Convince yourself of

...our experience and competence
...our up-to date know-how
...our quality management
...highest hygiene standards
...hi-tech medical equipment such as low-dose x-ray and soft laser
...scientifically approved and established materials and treatment techniques


Gain confidence through examination and counselling, regardless of the type of medical insurance
...consistent and systematic prophylactic measures and therapy
...information and transparency
...utmost conservation of tooth substance
...minimally invasive and preserving treatment methods

Our goal is to provide you with a healthy and brilliant smile in a dental office you will want to visit time and time again. To achieve this goal, we have chosen the following paths for us and for our patients.


Patient care

The essence of our patient care is recognising our patients as individuals, each with their own specific needs. Patients are always treated in a friendly, understanding and forthcoming manner. Clear and transparent communication is imperative for our team. Our work is based on detailed counselling and written treatment plans. Our patients can make personal counselling appointments or approach us for any information by phone or e-mail.


Dental hygiene

Regular check-ups at your dentist’s are an important prerequisite for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and ensuring long life and excellent condition for your existing or future dental work. In this way you can also ensure early recognition of problems and take timely measures to deal with them. Regular dental hygiene appointments at your dentist’s serve as a prophylactic measure to maintain oral health and as a treatment of periodontitis, a disease of gums and bone surrounding the teeth. The treatment should be carried out at least once a year. And last but not least, proper oral hygiene at home has a decisive influence on the success of dental treatment and your oral health in general. It is in the interests of the patients themselves to adhere strictly to the recommendations and instructions of the dental hygienist. Only through the correct combination of individually prescribed check-ups and professional and personal dental hygiene can long-lasting oral health and the good quality of life which goes with it be ensured.


Optimal treatment

Large fillings and root canal treatments weaken the teeth and make them prone to break. In extreme cases this can lead to a break under the gum line, which is an irreparable condition necessitating tooth extraction. In order to prevent such developments, we recommend ceramic inlays or crowns. Both kinds of dental work stabilise the tooth and ensure its preservation for many years. Besides that, both inlays and crowns are perfect restorations of natural form and colour and are easy to clean. Conservation of your teeth and your resulting satisfaction are our primary goals, which are both met through the individual choice of the optimal treatment.

The work of a dental technician is vital to the success of the treatment. The quality of his work contributes to the quality of dental work as a whole. This is why we cooperate with a number of laboratories, each specialised in different area of work at a very high technological and aesthetic level. In this way our patients obtain perfect treatment according to their needs.



Your dentist always keeps his knowledge and skills up-to-date by ongoing training in theoretical and practical courses. This ensures that our office provides state-of-art treatment and dental work at all times.

An important part of our working philosophy is delegation to our highly qualified personnel of routine and simple procedures and detailed counselling regarding treatment, its duration, phases and costs. This enables your dentist to concentrate on the complex and challenging work of a dental surgeon. Special care is taken in recruitment and training of highly skilled personnel to enable these measures to be delegated in a responsible way. Your dentist personally and meticulously instructs and trains his staff, monitoring the results strictly and on a regular basis. This ensures standardisation of working procedures and a constantly high level of teamwork.