DDr. Robert Viden MD, DDS

DDr. Viden has completed his studies in both the general medicine and the dental surgery.

He obtained his comprehensive surgical expertise and skills during his work as oral surgeon at the Hospital Hiezing in Vienna, from 1987 till 1998. After opening his dental office in 1998, DDr. Viden chose dental implantology and aesthetic dentistry as main areas of his future work.

DDr. Viden has always been convinced of the importance of continuing education. He has attended a 3 year course of additional studies and advanced training units as proscribed by the Austrian Chamber of Dental Surgeons, thus obtaining a diploma in the specialist field of Dental Implantology. In an additional 1 year course in Orthodontics, he obtained the specific know-how necessary for advanced orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign method. This exceptional expertise is regularly updated by attending advanced educational events and courses.

DDr. Robert Viden is on the physicians team of the Private Clinic Döbling in 1190 Vienna.

The combination of factors such as technological progress in the field of aesthetic dentistry, the use of advanced ceramics in high-grade dental restorations, dental implants and numerous state-of-art treatment procedures as well as cooperation with leading dental technicians, makes it possible for DDr. Robert Viden and his team to transform the most challenging dental problems into the most attractive smile!

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