Total prosthesis

An optimum solution for a toothless jaw is a restoration with a fixed bridge supported by dental implants. Total prosthesis is the only solution in cases where implants are either not viable or not desired. This type of denture is attached to the palate or the mucous tissues of the lower arch by a suction effect that gives it the necessary hold.

What is a total prosthesis?

A total prosthesis, also called total denture, is custom-made in a dental laboratory using acrylic resins and artificial teeth and is fitted directly in a toothless jaw without the help of retaining features. Stability is offered to some extent in the upper dentures through the suction effect between the denture and the palate. This effect does not occur in the lower jaw, where the total prosthesis just rests on the gum ridge. The quality of adhesion depends to a large extent on the anatomical features of each patient and can be unsatisfactory if the ridge is too narrow or too low. This is where a combination of total prosthesis and implant support can be very helpful.