In the event of an apical infection that cannot be successfully dealt with by means of a root canal filling, there are only two alternatives: one is to remove the tooth completely and the other is an apicoectomy. Preservation of natural teeth is an important issue in our office, so apicoectomy is a standard procedure carried out with a view to preserving the relevant natural tooth.


What does the procedure involve?

The root apex is fully removed and with it the infectious tissues. After that the tooth and its root canal are closed in a sterile way and the healing process and preservation of the tooth can begin. The surgery takes place under local anaesthesia and is pain-free.

Is the surgery going to save my tooth?

An apicoectomy is always an attempt at tooth preservation. The success of the surgery depends largely on the extent and position of the infection. Natural teeth can often be preserved in this way and for this reason it is an important aspect of our working philosophy.
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