Full-mouth reconstruction

Full-mouth reconstruction

Full-mouth reconstruction is any combination of procedures needing advanced dental care to restore a smile. Complex functional and aesthetic problems may pose a need for remedial and reconstructive treatment of all teeth. This type of dental treatment requires a comprehensive plan to restore optimum oral health and function. Most cases involve tooth abrasive wear, failing dental work such as worn and large fillings, poorly fitting partial dentures, loss of function, or improper occlusion resulting in a collapsed bite. Misalignment, multiple gaps and aesthetically challenging situations are all possible indications for a full-mouth reconstruction.

The treatment goal is a full reconstruction of a pain-free chewing function, proper phonetics, natural and attractive smile, all resulting in enormous improvement of quality of life and vitality. This complex and comprehensive procedure is called a full-mouth reconstruction.

The procedure requires an experienced dentist to do the extensive planning and provide a team of reliable dental assistants, dental technicians and specialised colleagues. If orthodontic treatment is needed this can be done in our office with the Invisalign method.

The first phase consists of the basic remedial treatment of possible inflammatory processes on the gums, jawbones or tooth apexes, including all necessary surgical measures such as flaps or apicoectomies, as well as a full sequence of professional dental hygiene treatments until a healthy status is achieved.

Complete diagnostic findings necessary for the treatment plan can last four to six weeks. These can involve a lateral cephalogram carried out at a radiography institute and a visit to a specialist for the diagnosis of joints and their function called axiography. These diagnostic findings help to permit a reliable prognosis of the compatibility and function of the reconstructive dental work.

Study models in wax – wax-ups – are made as a basis for discussing the desired form of restorations with the patient. The patient can also opt for a full set of provisional synthetic facings –mock-up – which will help him/her to visualise the end result in the mouth. When the planning is completed, the form and colour of the restorations are defined and the actual restoration can begin.

Usually, several sessions of teeth preparation for the restorative work are needed. If bite elevation is required, it is tested with the temporary restorations made by the dental technician. Final work in porcelain is commenced only when pain-free function is achieved with the temporary restorations. The form and overall appearance, as well as the function of the final crowns, veneers and/or onlays, are defined and checked during several fitting appointments, mostly with the dental technician present. The restorations are finalised only when the patient, the dentist and the technician are all satisfied with the results. The total time necessary for a full-mouth reconstruction (without the basic remedial treatment and/or dental implants) amounts to 12 to 15 weeks.


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