Partial dentures

Partial dentures

In a situation where several but not all teeth remain, the existing gaps need to be closed. If for any reason this cannot be done with a fixed bridge and/or dental implant restoration, partial dentures offer a simple way of restoring the chewing function and natural appearance.


What is a partial denture?

Partial dentures are prosthetic appliances that are custom-made in a dental laboratory. In general terms a partial denture consists of a metal frame that is attached to the remaining teeth by means of clasps. The frame carries artificial teeth that replace the missing natural ones, as well as acrylic resin substitute for missing gum areas.

What are the limitations of partial dentures?

The basic partial denture is the called a “clasp plate”. This is attached to the supporting natural teeth using clasps. The insertion and removal of the denture put a lot of strain on the supporting teeth because the clasps are made to fit closely. Correct daily positioning of the dentures in the mouth may demand a high level of dexterity. And lastly, visible metal clasps considerably diminish the aesthetic appearance.

High-quality partial dentures

Partial dentures with integrated retaining features such as attachments or pressed studs offer an excellent way of avoiding the disadvantages of clasps. At least two of the supporting natural teeth are fitted with crowns carrying invisible retaining features to fit the dentures. Such precision-cast frameworks guarantee an improved hold, minimise the strain on the supporting teeth and ensure a very good natural appearance.
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