A smile showing well aligned and well-kept teeth gives an impression of health, youth, beauty and success. But this impression is very often impaired by stains, fillings or misalignment. Veneers are wafer-thin, almost transparent ceramic laminates that are attached to the front tooth surfaces to produce a perfect smile. The desired form, colour, brightness and alignment are achieved through a minimal reduction in the tooth enamel to make your dream smile a reality.


What can veneers do for me?

They can correct aesthetic deficiencies such as large, stained fillings, misshapen or chipped teeth. Misalignment, wide interspacing between teeth, also called diastema, as well as the disparate size of adjoining teeth can also be corrected with veneers.

What does the treatment involve?

In the first treatment session the enamel of the relevant teeth is reduced by a maximum of 0.8 mm on the front, sides and incisal edge and a precise impression made. The work and the detailed parameters are sent to our high-tech dental laboratory, where the veneers are made with account taken of the desired form, colour and other relevant properties. In a further session the veneers are attached to the teeth using special bonding materials. The result is a flawless, completely natural looking restoration.

When do I need veneers and when crowns?

Veneers are used as an aesthetic correction for basically healthy but slightly damaged, stained or misaligned teeth and involve low loss of tooth substance. By contrast, crowns are used to protect and preserve already heavily damaged teeth.
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