Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear and, as a rule, should grow to their full size by the end of puberty. Unfortunately, there is often insufficient space in the arch for them to grow out completely. Thus their growth is arrested in the bone. Depending on their position, such wisdom teeth can cause much discomfort and may need to be removed surgically.

What are the reasons for surgical removal of wisdom teeth?

  • Crowding, despite orthodontic alignment
  • Inflammation of the gum and bone tissues surrounding the impacted wisdom tooth
  • Risk of cyst development caused by the displaced wisdom tooth
  • Damage to neighbouring teeth in the form of cavities or apex atrophy
  • Misalignment of the teeth due to pressure exerted by the wisdom tooth
  • Sore gums with patients wearing dental prostheses

The exact procedure for wisdom tooth removal can vary considerably and depends very much on the position of the relevant tooth in the jaw bone. All surgery takes place under local anaesthesia and is pain-free.

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